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Events Officina

In this business area Officina Structorum can support customers in project and development of marketing and commercial campaign. We can manage customer’s presence in specialized trade fairs, also caring about press releases and relations with Press and Media.

Officina Structorum can also project and provide proposals for promotion kits, gadgets, pamphlets and whatever necessary to get the customer satisfaction.

As partners of MediaQuality and agent of Miss Mondo trade mark, Structorum can carry out exhibitions, also in fashion, concerts and theatres.

It can also support in finding the right location in Italy for Company conventions, business meetings and training. Also assisting in sightseeing proposals if requested.

It is clear that any event needs the support of all the all the Officina Structorum business units, as either logistic and information updating issues are several and slightly peculiar, so must be managed as a continuum.

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